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Welcome to Hilltop Farm and thank you for visiting us, we hope your visit to our site is enjoyable.

We are a small poultry farm. Our goal is to breed show quality birds. We specialize in Pure Heritage Reese/Mohawk Single Comb Rhode Island Reds, Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds, Rose Comb Rhode Island Whites as well as White and Brown Leghorns. We have been doing this for many years and are hopefully improving our lines with each new generation.

Raising chickens has become very popular in recent years and is very rewarding that every family can enjoy.  We want to inspire people who have chickens and those who want chickens.

We also have another website Hilltop Farm Forum, a place for members to discuss raising poultry, other animals and livestock, gardening,  share their experiences, being self sufficient and more (sharing favorite recipes), and also meet new friends. This is a FREE forum

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Candidates for the 2016 presidential bid
We have a very important decision to make this year. It is an election year where we will be deciding who will be the next president (commander in chief) of our country. I hope everyone will get out and vote on Tuesday, November 8th for the candidate of your choice.

Member of the American Poultry Association,
the Central Florida Poultry Breeders Association
and the Rhode Island Red Club of America
NPIP Certified Participant