~Hilltop Farm~

*** Happy New Year ***

About Us

Hilltop Farm is a small family farm. We have Fresh Eggs from Pastured Chickens and Fresh Produce from our gardens. We use no chemicals or pesticides. We enrich our soil with compost we make with raw materials from our property.

We currently keep a flock of around 200 chickens. We did a lot of research  prior to getting our first chicks. The first thing we did was purchase a book by Gail Damerow, "Storey's Guide to Chickens". Also, "Raising Chickens for Dummies" and "The Backyard Chicken Bible" books are great resources and have very valuable information on raising chickens.

We grow our produce and sell our eggs. We hatch our own chicks. We have a breeding program which we are breeding pure heritage Single Comb and Rose Comb Rhode Island Red and Rose Comb Rhode Island White, White Leghorn and Rose Comb Dark Brown Leghorn chickens.

This is our little piece of heaven. We hope you enjoy it. We  thank you for visiting Hilltop Farm.

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A Document for Florida Animal Auctions. There have been many inquiries about where they are so we decided to make a listing. If you know of any auctions that aren't listed, please feel free to add them to the list.