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Welcome to Google Docs, Chicken Swap of Florida

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We have created a spread sheet for all those who would like to list Birds or related items they have For Sale or Wanted. We are open to any comments, information, suggestions and questions. We can add categories or change them. We created the spread sheet to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for with no sign in required. Any items that are not animal, livestock or farm related will be deleted. Contact us at floridafarmswaps@gmail.com

Welcome to Google Docs, Chicken Swap of Florida

Sarasota Florida new chicken ordinance

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January 18th, 2011, Sarasota city commissioners voted unanimously in support of a new ordinance allowing residents to have up to four hens. No roosters allowed.

Florida Farm Swap Meets facebook page

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We now have a community page on facebook, Florida Farm Swap Meets (Georgia too now) , for anyone who are interested in hosting any swap meets. You can post your event as well as pictures in our photo section. Please take a look. This is a place to share photos and information on past and upcoming swap meets/events. Share your information and photos. If you have a web site you can post a link to your website. Depending on the participation on this page will be a determining factor to make this a Florida/Georgia Farm Swap Meets (Georgia too now) community page. We have added Georgia too as we have had requests to list some Georgia swap meets and poultry shows. Stay tuned for further updates...

A very Special Friend passed away on Friday, Dec. 10th.

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A very Special Friend passed away on Friday December 10th, 2010.

Click --> A very Special Friend

Someone so special...

...can never be forgotten.


It will be the little things

that we will remember,

the quiet moments,

the smiles, the laughter.

And although it may seem

hard right now,

it will be the memories

of these little things

that help to push

away the pain

and bring the smiles

back again.


With Loving Memories of our very Special Friend. :)

Hilltop Farm Sap Meet

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We are having a swap at our farm on Saturday November 20th. Sun Spiced Alpacas will be bringing some Alpacas and will be doing a weaving demonstration.  

Farm Swap - Buy/Sell/Trade anything and everything poultry, livestock, small animals, supplies, anything farm related.....


Hilltop Farm Swap Meet

Saturday November 20th

9:00 am to 2:00 pm

3850 W Woodlawn St

Dunnellon, FL.





Weather won't be an issue (rain or shine). Also we will have some cold drinks & sloppy joes. If anyone wants to bring a favorite dish or snacks, please do. If anyone has drinks they would like to bring we will have coolers.


We were very happy and had a great turnout at our swap (Sat. Jan 16th). Hopefully this swap will be just as successful. Don't forget to bring a camera...


On November 13th the Central Florida Breeders Association is having their annual Poultry Show at the Citrus County fairground auditorium in Inverness, FL.

~Hilltop Farm Forum~

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We are very excited about our forum. We are adding new catagories and updating the forum regularly. Please let us know if there is any way we can improve this site. This Forum is a place for members to discuss gardening, poultry, other livestock and animals, share their experiences, get help, and meet new friends. Please register for the forum. There is a lot going on and as a registered member, this allows you to stay informed. Use the "subscribe" feature to be notified when someone has replied to a forum subject/ thread / topic you are interested in. Please feel free to post questions, infomation, suggestions, pictures, stories and clean jokes, etc. This forum will be growing. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!  :)

Small Animal Carriers/Cages

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We are now carrying more styles, sizes and wire mesh selection in our Small Animal wire Carriers/Cages. Click on the Carriers/Cages tab for more information, prices and pictures of some of our carriers/cages. We do not have all of the carriers/cages listed but hope to soon along with more pictures of the carriers/cages that we are currently have in stock.

Hilltop Farm May swap meet

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We had another swap this past Saturday May 15th. First we want to thank all of the people who came. Sad to say it wasn't as good as the January swap. There was a decent turnout but not nearly as many people showed up this time. There were several people who posted they would be there but never came. We are planning future swaps to be held at the Dunnellon, Florida TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY store. The first swap will take place on Saturday June 26th from 9:00am to 2:00pm. If this swap goes well we may be having monthly swaps. 


We are Planning another swap at Hilltop Farm on Saturday November 13th 2010.

Click on the Calendar page link for future swaps and events.


Hilltop Farm Swap Meet and Yard Sale

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Our January Swap Meet was very successful. We had a great turnout. We are having another one on Saturday November 13th from 9:am to 2:pm.

Newberry, Fla. Swap Meet/Sale

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Sept.12th, 2009 I attended a Swap Meet in Newberry Florida. I had a great time and met several wonderful people. We are planning to host a Swap Meet in January at our farm. I went with the idea that I was going to observe and learn as much as I could as I want our Swap Meet to be very successful. I will be attending more Swap Meets until ours comes up.

Here are some pictures of the Newberry Swap Meet/Sale:



Nifty-Chicken from BackYardChickens.com has graciously allowed us to use BackYardChickens.com for the event to be held on January 16th, 2010 at 9AM - till the cows come home. Also he is sending a BackYardChickens.com banner for us to use. Here's hoping we have a great turn out.